CEDIA EXPO 2013 Show Coverage


Chris Heinonen, Senior Editor Reports

CEDIA always starts the same: An early morning breakfast from JVC where we get to see their new projectors. There was a full-page ad in the CEDIA preview paper from JVC that talks about 4K so I expected them to join Sony in the 4K home projector game. They did announce new projectors today but they are only adding a new version of eShift to them and 4K inputs.

Curious with the inputs is that they are HDMI 1.4 since they don't accept 4k60 at 4:4:4 colorspaces, but they also said it will accept 4k60 at the 4:2:0 colorspace. This is strange since HDMI 2.0 supports 4:2:0 but not HDMI 1.4, so I'll try to find this out. Even if they aren't native 4K, JVC always makes stunning projectors and it sounds like they might have a new iris that could lead to even better contrast ratios. We will try to

One interesting thing was that JVC was using a RedRay player for native 4K content. Having not seen one in the wild before I was happy to see one in person.

Sony had a press conference right after Sony so everyone had to run across the street to make it there in time. Waiting for it to start I checked out their new line of high-resolution audio players. There is a USB DAC and a pair of playback devices offering storage for your media as well. With more and more DSD content appearing for download now, this might be a nice unit to try out.

Sony also had three new projectors to show. They have a new high-end 4K units, the VPL-VW1100ES for $28,000, but also a new $15,000 model in the VPL-VX600ES. It still isn't cheap but it's 40% less than before and way ahead of the competition. There is also an update to the VPL-HW50ES, my favorite projector last year, called the VPL-HW55ES. It has a longer lamp that lasts for 5,000 hours now and can produce 1,700 lumens. It is $4,000 and I'm hoping to get a chance to see how it stacks up to the prior model.

Oppo has an update to their BDP-103 Blu-ray player called the BDP-103D that adds Darbee processing to the unit. With its HDMI inputs it can also apply Darbee processing to your other components as well. Pricing is still not set but they expect it to ship in October.

Definitive Technology had a wide variety of new products to show off. With an integrated battery so you can easily take it outside and Bluetooth built in, it's a little speaker you can throw just about anywhere.

Screen Innovations has a new technology called Black Diamond Rear Pro Film. Here it is attached to a piece of glass hanging from the ceiling. Despite the lights and everything else in the convention center we see a bright, colorful image that makes for a stunning sight. Not something for your home but that I'd expect to see at the mall or other places for really fancy signage.

SI was also showing off their new Pure rigid screens. With a new technology you can see that texture is virtually absent. It is only in the rigid screens now but they're working on it for conventional screen surfaces as well.

JL Audio has a new, more affordable line of subs now, the E-sub. Available in 12" ($1,900) and 10" ($1,500) models they should be shipping now. If the performance is close to that of their prior subs they should be fantastic.

B&W has a new high-end speaker in their CM line, the CM10. The most notable feature is the top-mounted tweeter that is also seen on their 800-series models. These are just starting to ship now and should be arriving at dealers shortly.

Rotel has a lot of new stereo models to show but also this home theater amplifier. They have been doing more Class D models recently but the 585 is a 5 channel, 200 WPC Class A/B amplifier. With dual transformers it weighs a ton and is a serious piece of metal.

Display Development was showing The Great Gatsby on their 4K projector. Really a Christie projector modified for the home it costs around $200,000 and takes a ton of space but puts out a huge image. Bright, colorful, and larger than most movie theaters I go to, it looked just fantastic. They also had a very interesting projector you can mount inside the wall, with only a mirror seen that reflects the image out of the wall and onto the screen. One of the craziest things I've seen in a long time.

There is still a ton to see and cover on the show floor, and ongoing updates being posted over at our Google+ page as well. Even posted my first video on Google+: check out my video clip of the Screen Innovations booth.