CES 2008 Show Report Part 4


Snell also had their IW D7 on display which is the in-wall version of the D7.

This inspiring loudspeaker named the "XRT2K" comes from McIntosh Labs. This features six 12" Aluminum woofers, sixty-four 2" Titanium midranges and forty 3/4" Titanium tweeters. This goliath can handle up to 2000 watts of power. MSRP $80,000/pair

New for McIntosh Labs is the C500 preamp which replaces the popular C200 model. This is available in either a tube or solid state version. SRP $11,000.

Here's a picture of the MC2301. This is a 300W fully balanced tube amplifier. Wow! No word on the official release date yet.

McIntosh's massive 1,200 watt "Autoformer" features two complete and mirrored amplifier circuits. This unit sells for a suggested $11,000 and has output connections for two, four, and eight ohms.

The 275 McIntosh tube amplifier seen here is often praised highly by tube amplifier afficionados.

Dutch company PrimaLuna was on hand to display their high quality lineup.

On a last minute trip to the Hilton, we got a chance to see and hear a demo of Mark Levinson's new no. 502 Media Console in action. MSRP $30,000

Here is Pioneer's flagship receiver the SC-09TX. 7 channels at 200 Watts per channel, 1080p upscaling, HDMI 1.3, DTS-HD, and Dolby TrueHD.

Here's a cutaway of the same Pioneer receiver.

Adcom's GTP-870HD 7.1 processor can upconvert composite and S-video to component video and can scale analog video sources up to a max of 1080p. This is also upgradeable.

New for Denon is this separate component system. The processor is loaded with all the bells and whistles and the amplification runs 10 channels x 150 Watts or 300 x 5 in bridged mode. No doubt that many people will be eagerly anticipating this system.