CES 2008 Show Report Part 4


The veneer wood finishes on FocusAudio's Signature and Classic series were very attractive. The cabinets are built with 1" thick MDF on the FS7 series.

The sound coming from the Magico room drew me in to get a better listen to the V3 loudspeakers. Magico mounts their drivers directly to metal faceplates and uses layers of stiff birch plywood to create extra rigid enclosures. Needless to say these sounded very good.

Castle is one of few companies that manufactures both the cabinets and the drivers in house. This gives them the advantage of using drivers that work better with the enclosures thus allowing the crossover network to be simplified.

More craftmanship and deep wood tones shown here in the Castle Richmond series.

Anthony Gallo's Reference 5LS sounded wide, open, and very transparent even given the acoustics of the Venetian hotel room. . All eight of the 4" midbass drivers are housed in spherical enclosures and offset from the tweeter spheres. This was done to alleviate phase and dispersion problems. These measure 78" tall. Wow.