CES 2008 Show Report Part 3


Other 1080p projectors being shown included:

Optoma HD80


The Optoma HD80



The Epson Home Cinema 1080 UB for UltraBlack featured a new LCD chip with 17% less light leakage than previously used in the Home Cinema 1080.

Mitsubishi crossover


Mitsubishi was showing several projectors including a new FL7000 5000 lumens 1080p projector that they see filling the crossover market.



Panasonic featured their PT-AE2000U.



And Sanyo their Z2000.

Sharp Projectors


Sony and Sharp (pictured) had static displays of their projectors, but nothing new. Also on the video side of things there is the matter of the high definition DVD format wars, HD DVD vs. BlueRay. Warner's announcement on the eve of CES to go exclusively with BlueRay was generally seen by the media as a sign of the beginning of the end of the format wars, but both side were well represented at CES.

BlueRay Booth


BlueRay Warner


BlueRay had the more elaborate booth and came to the show with all cannons in firing position, and a Warner emblem prominently displayed. The BlueRay booth was always crowded with people in good spirits.



In comparison, the HD DVD booth was simpler in construction, but it was clear that from their point of view that the battle was not over and their ship was still afloat. The HD DVD people were emphasizing the number of available titles and languages, and interactivity as part of the HD DVD experience. Display technology has come a very long way recently with projectors and flat panels giving contrast ratios that one could only dream about a few years ago. CRTs are gone. As far as I am concerned 1080p is now the de facto resolution, and this was reflected by a majority of the displays on the floor. Don't settle for anything less! And we have plenty of High Definition sources to watch, with HD TV common and (unfortunately) two high definition DVD formats. The world of displays is doing great and there are some pretty good signs it will keep getting better. Stay tuned.


This was my first CES show and I was impressed with both the scale of the show and the quality of presentation. Just starting out on this first day was a lot of navigating through the crowds trying to get a glimpse of the latest products. This massive transformer was Dolby's welcoming comittee. What an awesome display this was. Dolby was showcasing video technology (see Steve Smallcombe's CES 2008 report) and Dolby TrueHD, their next generation lossless technology that delivers up to eight full-range channels of 24-bit/96 kHz audio.

Dolby's Autobot