CES 2008 Show Report Part 3

Panasonic High Contrast


Panasonic 1 Million to one


Panasonic also showed a very high contrast LCD display with a claim of 1 million to 1 contrast ratio! The image looked better than this picture!

Hitachi 8 Million to one


Hitachi was also showing a prototype hybrid monitor with a claim of 8 million to one.

Pioneer Kuro


Perhaps the most impressive improvement in display technology we saw, however, was at the Pioneer booth. Besides their current product offerings they were showing off their Kuro advanced designed concept that included an ultra thin display that was the same thickness as my iPhone, 9mm!

Pioneer Kuro Thin


The Kuro project also had a room for display of something they claimed was even more exciting. The opening blub by the Pioneer representative talked the importance of true black levels in display technology and then darkened the room. Pioneer gave no hint of what we were about to see, but soon an image appeared on a display in the center of the room. The opening film was an interview with a cinematographer also about the importance of good black levels. Having heard all this before, I was a little skeptical but Adrian and I sat there in a fully darken room not knowing what was coming. The next images shown were a mixture of movie images, e.g. Pirates 3, and bright colorful objects "floating" on a black background as well as some spectacular CGI. Unfortunately, one could easily see exactly where the display started and stopped, as even during the dark scenes, the area surrounding the display was always darker than the blacks in the image. This new technology was no big deal we thought, black were not really black, just kind of a noisy dark grey like with pretty much every other display. Very dark gray, perhaps, but not pitch black.

Pioneer Extreme Contrast Rose


But then we slowly became aware of a second display off to the right, but in this case the images seemed to be really floating on a truly black background with no hint of where the actual display area started and stopped. The difference the images with a true black base was dramatic. These were the best blacks I had ever seen. Pirates 3 looked great! After the lights came on, it was revealed that the left display was a 50 inch current generation Pioneer plasma display, and the one on the right featured their extreme contrast concept based on non-priming self emissive technology. This certainly changed my impression of plasma display technology in a very positive way.





Thin is in. The other very thin display we saw was a series of small to medum-sized Organic LED displays or monitors at the SONY booth.

LG Thin