CES 2008 Show Report Part 2


Driving the package from Cary was the CAD 120S ($5,000), a class AB, push-pull amplifier which operates in both ultra-linear and triode mode operated from a switch on the front with ultra-linear doubling the output of triode“ triode at 60 watts and ultra-linear at 120 watts per channel.

TAD or Technical Audio Devices was considered Pioneer's professional audio department back in 1975 when they impressed the industry with the Model-1. All these years later and a little beryllium, Pioneer has made a huge statement with Reference One. A pair of 10" bass drivers achieve 25 Hz and a Concentric beryllium midrange/tweeter round out this 3-way, front ported 330 pound speaker. At a mere $45,000, Reference One will be available later this year. A pair of Ayre monoblock amplifiers made the sound big and delicate at the same time.



Wisdom Audio showed off their Sage Series which range from 20" to 95", from floor standing to on-wall, and in-wall applications. The working package includes full height units with a horizontal center channel and the rack of components that support up to 7.3 channels, the SC-1 System Controller. Crucial to the operation is the Audyssey MultEQ room correction technology. A full 2.1 system with amplifiers will cost $28,000!





A rare treat at CES is to have a good live jazz performance and with Mark Levinson developing a speaker and component line with none other than the electronics giants LG, legendary saxophonist Lee Konitz was on hand.Those in attendance witnessed a wonderful solo rendition that Mark recorded and immediately played back on the system.