CEDIA- Thursday and Friday from the Show Floor


Report 2 from Sumit Chawla

Sooloos is adding video playback and picture browsing to their system. Details on these new offerings will be available in the near future. I played around with their music system and I really liked the user interface.

Sony has introduced two new SXRD projectors: HW10 and VW70. The former projector is a replacement for the VW40 and it is priced at $3500 with a specified contrast ratio of 30,000:1. The VW70 is priced at 8k and its specified contrast ratio is 60,000:1. The contrast numbers just keep going up! Unlike the VW40, the VW60 remains in the lineup.

Mitsubishi was showing their HC7000 in a semi-light controlled room. This LCD projector features the Silicon Optix Reon VX chipset. The stated contrast ratio is 72,000:1 and it is priced at $3995.