CES 2008 Show Report Part 1



Loiminchay, designs in New York and fabricates overseas, featured the Chagall. Carved out of layers of laminated birch plywood, each speaker chamber is machined out. Inside and out, 16 coats of lacquer are applied. The Chagall's woofer is mounted on a 1” thick concrete board and wrapped with leather. Extending down to 28Hz with a modest sensitivity rating of 87dB, weighing 150 pounds and the Chagall will cost you $35,000 for the pair - with the diamond tweeter a mere $48,500.


Lyngdorf showed off their European heritage with some fine new equipment and speakers. First on their priority is the RP-1 Room Correction Processor. A digital processor will correct your room's deficiencies for your analog sources. Although the RP-1's internal process is fully digital, the input/output is analog.





Listening to the differences it was clear the room correction added focus and flattened the top and bottom end. The RP-1 was installed with the beautifully styled DP-1 Dipole speaker ($2,990 each) features a 1' fabric tweeter and a 6 ½ driver. The obvious difference is the omitted box enclosure which essentially helps extend deep bass. The BW-1 external subwoofer ($1,690) features a front driving 10' driver and is meant to be mounted on the front wall of your listening room.



If an integrated amplifier is what you want, Lyngdorf was showing the new SDAI-2175 ($2,790).



Cayin's exquisite new line of SP-Series; the SP-cd300 CD player, the SP-30s preamplifier and SP-10A integrated tube amplifier struck me the nostalgic styling perhaps the wood cladding had something to do with that. Although no pricing was available, Cayin is known for reasonable pricing and handcrafted value. VAS Industries™ Steve Leung proudly displayed the cherry and rosewood finishes. My personal experience with Onix Electronics sparked my curiosity with this new prototype line which includes: a reference quality CD player, the XCD-50 at $3,600, and the XIA-160 amplifier rated to deliver 220watts/4ohms with an MSRP of $2,600. Beautiful and muscularly chiseled from MDF, the components have a piano black lacquer finish. The only dates offered were later this summer, perhaps. They were beautifully partnered up with a pair of Strata Mini's.(




Oracle Audio attracted me to their room from quite a distance as I was down the hall playing an unusual track. Most times it's jazz, or classical, perhaps Nora Jones (so overplayed it's become a joke). Oracle played a Led Zeppelin track from vinyl, Whole Lotta Love. When you see the room you're struck by all that machined aluminum driving some immense Usher speakers.