CES 2008 Show Report Part 1



Avalon is a Boulder Colorado based speaker company that simply blew me away with the INDRA at just under $20,000 for the pair. No less than 4 drivers including a 1' ceramic neodymium tweeter, a 3.5' midrange, and 2-7' Kevlar composite cone woofers.




Definitive Technology introduced a smaller version of the excellent Mythos ST with the STS model at $1,499 each available later this spring. The sleek tower includes a 300 watt digital amplifier for the Supercube® subwoofers - two Racetrack radiators.


Also new for Definitive Technology are two models of the surround bar, the Mythos Solo Surround Array (SSA). Available in 2 sizes, the SSA-42 at $899 for flat screen panels up to 46' and the SSA-50 at $1,099 for 50” displays. A quick demo convinced me this isn't such a bad way to go as an alternate to complete surround packages.


It was no mystery that the Lamm Industries room would sound amazing, it didn't disappoint. The room included the new ML3 Signature single-ended triode monoblocks in pure class A operation. Smooth, extended and richly detailed coming from a mere 32 watts, Lamm partnered the amplifiers with Wilson Audio Maxx2 speakers. Now brace yourself, the pair of ML3's are $139,290.00!