CES 2008 Show Report Part 1


A.D.A. (Audio Design Associates) certainly can't be accused of relaxing as new designs abound as they move forward with their 30th anniversary, thus ADA30. The prototype for the new Cinema Renaissance Mach III stunningly glows with LED multiple colors are achieved by simply touching the ADA30 logo. At $100,000, the new processor is tube based. Albert Langella, ADA's Co-Founder, President, CEO and Chief Design Engineer explains that he loved the idea of the tube sound.





Mr. Langella continues to play with tubes in a design for a separate solid state 55 watt amplifier with a tube preamp. The third box is for a variety of inputs.


Anthem continues to develop the D2 processor with by introducing their version of room correction with Model ARC-1 software. Although it's now standard for any new D2, existing owners of D1 and D2 can upgrade for $399, the package includes a microphone and stand along with the software. A curve is generated for each speaker and adjusted. The software includes bass correction.


Paradigm builds on the successful Signature Series with the S1/v.2 at $749 each in cherry, the center channel, C1/v.2 at $1,199 and the on-wall surround ADP-1/v.2 also MSRP $1,199.



Want in-walls; seems everyone does these days and to achieve the highest quality, Paradigm developed the SA-LCR 3 at $1,199 each, or the SA-LCR 5 at $2,999 each. Unique is the rotating center mounted dual drivers for horizontal or vertical configurations. To insure a consistent and predictable sound, the required back boxes sell for $299 each, engineered solidly with baffles and insulation.