Screen Innovations Black Diamond Zero Edge Projection Screen


Design and Setup of the Screen Innovations Black Diamond Zero Edge Projection Screen

After arranging this review with Screen Innovations, the first question they asked me was, can you get this screen in your front door? This is not a trivial issue because the Zero Edge is a one-piece panel that does not come apart. I requested a 92-inch diagonal model which matches the size of my reference Carada. Fortunately, I was able to maneuver the enormous box up to my second-floor theater. It’s not terribly heavy, just awkward.

The packaging is quite substantial and gives no indication that the screen would arrive in anything but perfect condition. The entire thing is a rigid panel, about a half-inch thick, with the screen material permanently bonded to it. The bezel is a mere quarter-inch wide and consists of a wraparound piece of black crinkle finished metal. On the back is an aluminum bracket, permanently glued on, which is channeled for easy mounting. In fact, it hung right on my existing wall bracket. One caveat – the channel is about a third of the way below the screen’s top edge. That means you’ll have to lower your mounting point, about 15 inches in my case, to place the screen at the same height.

Once hung, the screen sits off the wall about 1½ inches which makes it look like a giant, high-end flat panel. This combined with the slim bezel makes a very striking statement. The silver color of the screen material only adds to the sexiness of this product. It certainly redefines the projection screen as I know it, at least aesthetically. Another mounting option offered by SI is to hang the screen from the ceiling. This is undoubtedly the reason for the placement of the rear mounting point. That way, it will be perfectly vertical when suspended from cables (see below). To this end, SI can provide some nice machined cable anchors for those choosing this option. If you do this, you might have to cover the back of the Zero Edge since it’s essentially unfinished. Another benefit of the wall gap is you can install lighting if you wish. SI has a slick LED system available which can be adjusted to virtually any color and brightness level. It even includes a sophisticated controller for a myriad of effects and patterns.

Of course the main reason to use this screen is Black Diamond projection surface. This material has unique reflective qualities that allow you to preserve a projected image with the lights on. It does this by focusing the image straight back to the viewer rather than scattering light around the room. This approach rejects ambient light which hits the screen from a multitude of angles. Only the light from the projector, the light that is aimed straight at the screen is reflected back to the viewer.