Screen Innovations Black Diamond Zero Edge Projection Screen


Introduction to the Screen Innovations Black Diamond Zero Edge Projection Screen

When designing a home theater, the screen is often the last consideration in the plan. After all, it’s much more interesting to research electronics and their associated specs than to look through screen material samples and frame designs. Other than size, few of us think much about our choice of screen. And what about aesthetics? Many theater designs hide the screen behind curtains so it isn’t even seen until movie time. And then there’s the lighting. Not everyone wants to watch movies in total darkness. And if you want to have a few friends over to watch sports, you’ll most likely want the lights on.


  • Design: Front Projection Screen
  • Available Gains: 0.8, 1.4. 2.7
  • Available Sizes: Custom Sizes and Aspect Ratios up to 144” Diagonal, 2.35:1
  • As tested: Gain 1.4, 80" W x 45" H (92" Diagonal)
  • Half-Gain Angle: 550
  • Mounting System: Tongue-in-Groove (wall bracket included), 1.5” Stand-off
  • MSRP: $3,099 USD (92” Diagonal Size)
  • Screen Innovations
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Enter Screen Innovations. SI has always been a company that pushes the envelope with projection screen technology. Their Black Diamond material helped put them on the map by making it possible to use a front projector with the lights on. Now with the Zero Edge, they’ve created a screen that actually looks great too. Whether in use or not, the Zero Edge is a guaranteed conversation piece and will make any media room look expensive and high-end.

Two years ago, I reviewed a Black Diamond screen and found it very impressive in the area of contrast and image quality with some ambient light. SI is constantly striving to improve their products so I was quite happy to check out their latest effort with the Zero Edge. It also gave me a chance to sample my first rigid one-piece design. Let’s break the packing straps and see what we have!