SACD Players

Sony SCD-XA5400ES SACD Player



Combined with my wife, we have well over 400 CD's in our collection, and I know there are people out there with far more than that. The Sony XA5400ES brought new life to almost all of those CDs and made me go back and listen to many of them all over again. With poorly mastered recordings, it might be ruthlessly detailed and show all of the flaws, but almost everything I owned sounded much better on this player. It is built like a tank, and never had a single issue with any CD or SACD that I attempted to play, even ones that can skip on other players.

When this arrived at my office I had a co-worker ask if they still even made CD players anymore, as you have a DVD or Blu-ray player that can play them back already. That might be the case, but I've yet to find a DVD or Blu-ray player that can play them back this well and provide this much enjoyment from all of my existing equipment. I'm sure some people will wonder about the cost, but for just a couple of dollars per recording to make everything in my collection sound so much better, I find the Sony to be a true bargain for what it brings to the table. The only complaint is that they're making me send the review unit back, but I imagine I'll be adding it to my system sooner than later, and that's the best complement I can give.