SACD Players

Marantz SA-KI Pearl SACD player



Listening to the Marantz SA-KI Pearl SACD player was a truly enjoyable experience. I think Mr. Ken Ishiwata would be very pleased with the emotional enjoyment that his player brought into my home. As for recommendations, it really depends on what you're after. While the SA-KI Pearl is a terrific two-channel player, I did miss the ability to play multi-channel SACD media. On the other hand, I was really pleased with the ability to use the SA-KI Pearl as an external DAC because it can really help you get the most value from this player. From a price and performance perspective, you should also compare the Oppo Digital BDP-83SE, which delivers an equally pleasing analog performance, significant additional functionality, better bench measurements, and is available for less than a third of the price. No matter what you decide, the SA-KI Pearl is well worth the listen.