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Next Generation Home Products Remote Extender


In Use

The real possibilities open up when you integrate a universal remote into your system.  Controlling everything with a single remote is a real quality-of-life upgrade for your home theater.  There are many reasonably-priced products on the market from Logitech, Universal Remote Control and others, but most of them are IR-based.  You can use the Remote Extender to upgrade any of these controllers to RF operation.  The only challenge is tying in all your electronics to the single output on the RF receiver.  With the multi-eye emitters available from Next Generation and readily-available mini-headphone cables you can make it work.

In addition to extra transmitters and emitters you can also add a USB battery charger to your system.  This allows you to charge the special batteries without upending the RF receiver.

Since I already have a control system in place, I tested the Remote Extender with several of my OEM remotes.  I plugged both IR blasters and mini-headphone cables into the RF receiver.  In all cases the Extender worked without issue.  I did use the sensitivity switch in the RF receiver to improve reception with my cable box.  You can also lower the reception sensitivity if you have interference problems from nearby sources.