Remote Controls

Next Generation Home Products Remote Extender



Once you’re set up, you can use the remote normally except – no more pointing!  The RF receiver will also blast out IR signals within a 15-foot line-of-sight of your components.  If you place it properly, it will relay IR signals to all the gear in your rack.  If you have components with rear IR inputs and outputs, you can daisy-chain all of them onto a single cable that plugs in to the RF receiver.  Use a standard male-male mini-headphone cable (3.5mm), either stereo or mono will work.  These cables can be found online or at Radio Shack for a few bucks.  If you have a lot of components you might want to use some Y-adapters since the RF receiver has only one jack.  To equip multiple remotes, you can purchase additional transmitters for $27.95 each.  They are currently available in two frequencies 418MHz and 433MHz.  According to Next Generation, more frequencies will be available soon.