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New SACD and DVD-A Releases

July 13, 2002



Dupre, Franck, Widor, Michael Murray, SACD, Telarc SACD-60516 Pride & Joy, Kevin Mahogany, SACD, Telarc SACD-63542
The Rare Delight of You, The George Shearing Quintet, SACD, Telarc SACD-63546 Live at the Blue Note, SuperBass 2, SACD, Telarc SACD-63483
A Sea Symphony, Vaughn Williams, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Multi-Channel SACD, Telarc SACD-60588 Live Anthology, The Damned, DVD-A, Silverline 76628-80589
Israelites, Desmond Dekker, DVD-A, Silverline 76628-80699 Erase the Slate, Dekker, DVD-A, Silverline 76628-80629
A Pile of Rock, Dave Edmunds, DVD-A, Silverline 76628-80619 Astrud Gilberto Now, DVD-A, Silverline 76628-80659
Can I Have My Money Back?, Gerry Rafferty, DVD-A, Silverline 76628-80639 Cockney Kids are Innocent, The Best of Sham 69, DVD-A, Silverline 76628-80609
Face the Devil, The Wailing Souls, DVD-A, Silverline 76628-80719 Soul Sensation Live, Bobby Womack, DVD-A, Silverline 76628-80669
 Ziroq, DVD-A, Silverline 76628-80679  



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