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August 27, 2003




Mozart, Wind Serenades, Consortium Classicum, Dieter Klocker, CD, CPO 7-61203-98222-6 (7 CDs)

Beethoven, String Quintets, Metamorphosis Quintet, CD, NAXOS 8.553827

Telemann, Trio Sonatas, Parnassi Musici, Sergio Azzolini, CD, CPO 7-61203-99342-0

Vivaldi, Four Seasons, Concerto Italiano, Rinaldo Alessandrini, CD, Naive 7-09861-30363-2

Debussy, Melodies, Sandrine Piau, Jos van Immerseel, CD, Naive 8-22186-04932-7

Handel, Suites de Pieces pour le Clavecin 1720, Ludger Remy, CD, CPO 7-61203-99402-1

Haydn, Hummel, Neruda, Trumpet Concertos, Niklas Edlund, Swedish Chamber Orchestra, R. Goodman, CD, NAXOS 8.554806

Graupner, Partitas pour Clavecin, Genevieve Soly, CD, Analekta 7-74204-31092-9

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