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August 13, 2003




Dusapin, Concertos, Orchestre National de Montpelier, Pascal Rophe, CD, Naive 3-29849-821537

Sibelius, Piano Miniatures, Havard Gimse, CD, NAXOS 8.555363

J.S. Bach, Apocryphal Masses, Alsfelder Vokalensemble, W. Helbich, CD, CPO 7-51203-98342-1

Telemann, Don Quixote, La Lyra, Northern Chamber Orchestra, N. Ward, CD, NAXOS 8.554019

Schubert, Piano Transcriptions, A. Siirala, CD, NAXOS 8.555997

Rachmaninov, Ravel, Lise de la Salle, CD, Naive 8-22186-04936-5

Scarlatti, Keyboard Sonatas, Volume 5, B. Frith, CD, NAXOS 8.554792

Dvorak, Piano Quintets, Vlach Quartet Prague, I. Klansky, CD, NAXOS 8.555377

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