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Classical Music - June 17, 2003




Brahms - Mendwlssohn, Sonatas for Two Pianos, Piano Trio No. 1, Martha Argerich, CD, EMI Classics 7-24355-75042-6

Brahms, Four Hand Piano Music Volume 8, Symphony No. 4, Silke-Thora Matthies, Christian Kohn, CD, NAXOS 8.554117

J. Johnson, Lute Music, Christopher Wilson, S. Rumsey, CD, NAXOS 8.550776

Scarlatti, Sonatas for Harpsichord, Volume 2, Luc Beausejour, CD, Analekta FL-2-3163

Schumann, Cello Concerto, Piano Concerto, J. du Pre, D. Barenboim, New Philharmonic Orchestra, D. F. Dieskau, CD, EMI Classics 7-24357-47552-5

Britten, Violin Concerto, Walton, Viola Concerto, M. Vengerov, London Symphony Orchestra, CD, EMI Classics 7-24355-75102-7

Mozart, Symphonies No. 31, 35, and 40, Symphony Nova Scotia, G. Tintner, CD, NAXOS 8.557233

Haydn, Symphonies No. 41, 58, and 59, Cologne Chamber Orchestra, H. Muller-Bruhl, CD, NAXOS 8.557092

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