Yamaha RX-V2065 7.1 A/V Receiver with MusicCast System



The Yamaha RX-V2065 receiver is set up like most modern receivers, but with one change that I imagine we will start to see more often: No S-Video connectors. While some people will object to this, or need to choose a different receiver because of this, I'm quite happy to see space on the rear panel start to free up as all of my gear now uses HDMI, save the Nintendo Wii and it's Component output. The Yamaha does still have legacy video inputs with five composite video jacks (one of which is on the front panel) and two component video jacks, which are quickly becoming legacy inputs at this point. It also features five HDMI inputs, one of which is pleasantly available on the front panel. It also has speaker jacks for seven channels for the main system, as well as two channels each for Zone 2 and Zone 3. The Yamaha will also let you remap the Surround Back channels as Bi-Amp channels for the front two speakers, or the Zone 2 channels as "Presence" channels for your main theater, which serve a similar function to the new speakers in Dolby Pro Logic IIz.

Nice features to see also make it onto the Yamaha are dual HDMI outputs, dual 12V trigger outputs, an RS-232 port for custom installers, a smaller remote for the 2065 that contains all of the common functions, and full pre-outs so you can upgrade to an external amp if you wish to at a later date. The design of the MusicCast preamp zone player was much simpler, with RCA L+R and subwoofer outputs, a USB connector, a dock connector (for an iPod dock), and an Ethernet jack. The MusicCast Music Commander remote consists of a large LCD screen, a touchpad, and buttons for common playback functions (Play, Pause, Forward and Back), volume, and interacting with the interface. It was very nice to see the buttons for the very common controls on there, as remotes that are only a touchscreen often annoy me since you are totally unable to do anything without actually looking down at the screen.