Yamaha RX-A2000 7.1 A/V Receiver


Yamaha RX-A2000 7.1 A/V Receiver On the Bench


Note: Several of our video bench tests were left out of the overall score for this receiver. Unfortunately the Sony BDP-S570 blu-ray player that we initially thought was a viable reference player, in fact does negatively affect the video signal. Rest assured though, that all tests that are reported & scored were triple-checked for veracity. For all future A/V receiver video benchmark tests, an Oppo BD-P83, 93, or 95 (or equivalent) will be used. However, an Oppo was not available during the review period of the RX-A2000. -KC

Video performance by the RX-A2000 over HDMI was very good. As can be seen in our receiver video benchmark score chart, the new Vida chip by HQV did very well both on our standard video tests and on de-interlacing. It also will pass through your HDMI video signal virtually untouched if you so desire, which is not the case for all HDMI A/V receivers on the market today. 1080/60i material was properly decoded to 1080/24p.

Component video source was a different story, however. Although deinterlacing was still excellent, core video performance was lacking when the A2000 was fed a component video signal. The receiver cropped 3 pixels on the right and 1 pixel on the left. Also it did not pass whiter-than-white nor blacker-than-black signals, and it lost high frequency horizontal chroma resolution. However, most users will use HDMI exclusively, and for them, the RX-A2000 offers very good video performance.

I have a fairly old computer which I like to have connected to my HT for the occasional game or video. The graphics card has dual DVI outputs, both of which can output 1080/60p video. Normally I connect my PC to my plasma TV directly. I attempted to run the PC's DVI signal through the RX-A2000 with the use of a DVI-HDMI adapter. The Yamaha did not like this. I was unable to get the computer's display to pass through the Yamaha. Not only that, but it caused significant confusion to Windows and the Nvidia GPU (GeForce 7600GT). Granted this GPU is not HDCP compliant, so the HDMI handshaking probably did not go well, and it represents a problem with my computer (running Windows XP) rather than the Yamaha receiver. However my Samsung plasma had no issues accepting the DVI signal from my PC.