Sony STR-DN1040 7.1 A/V Receiver


Design and Setup of the Sony STR-DN1040 Receiver

Beyond the fancy interface, the STR-DN1040 is a 7.2 channel receiver with a couple features we don't see all the time. It comes with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth integrated into the unit. No add-on adapters or anything else, just integrated from the start. It also incorporates AirPlay into the unit; making is easy to get all of your content to it. If you want to hard wire it with Ethernet, you have that ability as well.

All of your input needs are accounted for with the STR-DN1040. It has 8 HDMI inputs, including a front panel one that also serves as an MHL input for your tablet or smartphone. Pairs of component and composite video inputs are provided for legacy devices, and there are four sets of analog audio inputs. Dual HDMI outputs are available if you wish to run a projector and flat panel off of it and it scales up to 4K resolutions.

I'm happy to see Sony and others taking a minimalist approach on the front of their receivers. A pair of dials control the most important settings, volume and input, and there are a few discrete buttons to control certain other features. I also like access to HDMI and USB ports instead of being hidden away behind a door.

Setup of the STR-DN1040 is easy thanks to the on-screen GUI. It walks you through speaker and networking setup quickly and effectively. Unfortunately I found that the speaker setup detects all of my speakers as large. The center and surrounds should both be crossed over at 100 Hz otherwise there will be missing bass content. Running setup again reproduces the same issue, so I recommend doing the setup manually for speaker distance and crossovers.

Setting up your audio and video sources is done through an on-screen table, and is well laid out. Using a nice HD interface instead of the standard SD one makes it easy to read the text even with a lot of information on screen. The HDMI inputs are assigned to certain inputs, so if you select DVD to rename and use for a Roku player, it won't let you select an HDMI input for it. As long as you start with HDMI inputs for HDMI devices and then finish with analog devices you should be fine.