Sherwood Newcastle R-972 7.1 A/V Receiver with Trinnov Room Optimizer Technology



To say that Trinnov is just another room optimization system would be a gross understatement. In its first implementation as a consumer product in the R-972, the Trinnov Room Optimizer is able to produce some stellar results. While not for the novice, the Trinnov setup requires a fair bit of patience and persistence, but the results are worth every bit of that effort. Trinnov is capable of transforming an average room into a very believable theater or musical venue. It is also able to compensate for a variety of room problems with ease. I can just imagine what it will do as the technology and its implementation matures.

The Sherwood R-972 A/V receiver with Trinnov has the makings of a fabulous product if Sherwood is able to get the kinks out of the product. As it stands today, the intermittent video and signal processing problems are show stoppers that will certainly affect interest in the R-972 itself. Sherwood is working on a new firmware update that will hopefully resolve the issues. If you are interested in Trinnov, then by all means give the R-972 a listen. This will certainly not be the last we'll hear of Trinnov and kudos to Sherwood for introducing us to this amazing technology.