Pioneer VSX-1020K 7.1 A/V Receiver



On the whole, Pioneer delivers a feature filled and very usable product. As always, there are a few areas that could use improvement, but the ease of use and accessibility of the entire feature set is commendable. After all is said and done, however, there is no pretense over what the Pioneer is, and that is a mass market receiver. The focus of the receiver, like this review, is on the feature set made available to the user. A brief perusal of the product literature or website indicate as much, that the mass market receiver has evolved to try and be "entertainment central". For the average consumer looking for a high level of connectivity, and usability, Pioneer delivers a solid offering in the VSX-1020-K. A few minor adjustments and they would have knocked this one out of the park. If one considers the cost, and the competitors in the price range, then the Pioneer should be considered one of the class leaders. It is astonishing at the amount of performance, usability and features that can be packaged for $549.