Pioneer SC68 9.1 A/V Receiver


Conclusions about the Pioneer SC68 Receiver

Years ago I switched from a receiver to separates as it was the only way to get enough power to drive any speaker system that I might review to its limits. With the exception of truly demanding speakers like planars from Magnepan, the Pioneer SC-68 is free of that limitation. Any conventional speaker system you throw at it is going to find plenty of power in reserve, even when driving 7 or 9 channels at once. The sonic highlight of the SC-68 for me is the tight, clear bass and midrange that it produced, really bringing out guitars and drums from the music.

The largest change is the addition of the asynchronous USB input, allowing people to easily get high resolution downloads from their PC to their audio system without worrying about DLNA or file formats. With HDTracks and other services offering more downloads every week, and often new releases the same day they hit stores, the future of high resolution music looks to be PC-based on the Pioneer SC-68 is well positioned to take advantage of it.

Pioneer continues to do a wonderful job with the SC line of receivers. They have all the modern features we want, including USB inputs now, and plenty of power for your home theater. I still want to see them improve upon their bass management capabilities inside of MCACC, but that is the only real fault I have with the SC-68. Overall it proved to be a fantastic update to the SC line and remains at the top of the list of receivers that I recommend.