Pioneer SC-57 9.1 A/V Receiver


Conclusions about the Pioneer SC-57 Receiver

Two years after I first heard them, I still really love the sound of the Class D Pioneer receivers. They are fast, clear, and detailed with strong bass, but not thin or brittle at the top as many people think Class D must be. As good as the amp is, I think Pioneer does have some improvements they can make with their room correction by adding subwoofer equalization and multiple crossover points. They also could really improve their iOS application to move it from nifty feature to actually useful supplementary control, but most companies also need to work on this.

In the end, the SC-57 was a wonderful sounding receiver that has virtually all the inputs and features anyone could be looking for. The small reservations I have shouldn't deter anyone from going to evaluate what is still my favorite receiver in this price class and the one I'd recommend to people looking for something with enough features and power that they won't feel the need to upgrade anytime soon.