Onkyo TX-NR906 7.1-Channel Home Network A/V Receiver



Onkyo has hit the ball out of the park. The TX-NR906 has carved a nice place for itself in the market. Other products offer the level of video performance (minus the isf features) the 906 does but at significantly higher price points. The sonic performance is truly superb on movies and just marginally less so with music. If you're looking at the 1800 to 2600 dollar range of receivers you really owe it take a look at the Onkyo. Is it perfect? No. For one, four HDMI inputs is seeming a bit limiting these days. I alone have five HDMI sources between my two game systems, Tivo, Blu-Ray and DVD player. The lack of music modes for the Audyssey processing is also a bit of a disappointment. There's also the lag in displaying a picture when selecting a new source or channel.

Regardless of these limitations (which product is perfect after all?) I love this Onkyo and its performance. The synergy with my speakers was truly magical. Had I not decided to participate in the 2009 racing season with my car I would have easily bought the review sample. I can't offer much more praise than that. The TX-NR906 offers a fantastic value of build quality, functionality, audio performance and video processing and also the benefits of isf controls.