NAD T757 7.1 A/V Receiver


Setup of the NAD T757 Receiver

Setup of NAD's T 757 was mostly quick and painless. I swapped out my Marantz SR7002 for the T 757 and simply swapped out my bundle of Monster cables from one to the other. I used the following gear along with the NAD during my evaluation:

With the connection in place it was time to configure my system for optimum performance with the NAD. The T 757 offers an Audyssey system to perform a basic surround sound system setup. This means the T 757 will automatically detect the speakers connected, determine their size, set speaker levels, and set distance of each speaker to the main listening position. Unlike many receivers in this price class, the T 757's Audyssey implementation does not correct for your room's sonic imperfections using Audyssey MultEQ technology (or any of their other advanced processing options).

Note that if you check the Audyssey web site you will not notice this 'configuration only' product listed. NAD's implementation isn't typical of what is offered by Audyssey today and was grandfathered in for NAD's use. Instead, the T 757 focuses on the basic setup. According to Greg Stidsen, Technology and Product Planning Director at NAD, this was a conscious decision on the T 757 to reach the target price and reflect the design philosophy of the T 757 – simple but high performing.

In practice, I ran into an issue running the Audyssey speaker setup. It reported a number of times that the polarity of my main speakers were out of phase (positive and negative wires swapped). I verified that this was not true. Again I spoke to Greg at NAD for an explanation. It turns out that Audyssey phase test used relies on detecting the time from the test tone on the speaker to the time the microphone detects the echo or reflection of the tone. In my room, the time between the tone and the echo was too close for the T 757 to accurately determine phase. I did not notice that the wording used at the end of the test indicated that there was a potential issue and not a problem. The T 757 was just providing me a heads up to a potential issue. Be warned, read carefully when running the Audyssey setup in your system.