Marantz AV8003 SSP and MM8003 8-Channel Power Amplifier



High-end processors and amplifiers such as the Marantz usually wind up in systems with far more expensive, and often harder to drive, speakers than my Epos ELS 5.1 setup, so I was curious how much of a difference it would make compared to a good receiver. Any doubts as to what difference it could make went away as soon as I began to listen to it. It brought my speakers to life with anything that it played and made me reconsider my upgrade priorities for the future.

The processor field has gotten more competitive recently with many internet direct companies starting to sell models, and many of the higher end models starting to carry video processing features that are beyond those that the Marantz offers. There are also some usability issues in the Marantz with its DLNA support that turns what would be a great feature into one that is too cumbersome to be used regularly, and I really do wish that the amplifier would accept spades in addition to spade lugs, as they are so commonly used on higher end cables. I also wish there was an input on the front of the AV8003 behind the panel, as trying to hook up a device just for an evening meant digging behind my rack of AV gear and hoping I used the correct jacks.

Marantz AV8003 and MM8003 Review

However, most of this is just being picky. The Marantz sounded fantastic when I used it and made me very unhappy to have to box it up and return it at the end of my review. It proved to me that Marantz continues to live up to the high end reputation that it has had since that receiver when I was growing up and I would highly recommend listening to them if you are in the market for a processor or an amplifier.