Integra DTR-50.1 7.2 A/V Receiver



The Integra DTR-50.1 Surround Sound Receiver is a 7-channel three zone receiver. It is THX Select 2 Plus Certified. This means that the amplifier section should suffice to play at reference levels in home theaters of up to 2,000 cubic feet with a 10 – 12 foot viewing distance from the screen. The "Plus" designation indicates that the receiver includes additional enhancements, the most notable of which is the THX Loudness Plus. (More on this later.)

Integra has maintained a similar styling aesthetic for their products throughout their 10-year history. And it is a very nice aesthetic, with a black, brushed aluminum faceplate. Also typical for Integra are the nickel-colored On/Standby button and large volume knob. Those who are familiar with Integra products can recognize them at a glance. This DTR-50.1 receiver is well made, solidly constructed, and looks very nice.

The front panel has a two-line dot matrix display in the center of the panel. This display has numerous icons surrounding the center section that provide important operational information about the state of the receiver. Most of these icons are a little small for my eyes and require close-up inspection (with reading glasses affixed) to really determine what they are trying to tell me. The front panel also has direct source selection buttons, buttons to control the remote zones, tone controls, listening mode selection and a cursor control. You can basically control everything from the front panel.