Flagship Home Theater - Part 2: Anthem Statement D2v Audio/Video Processor and Statement A5 Five-Channel Power Amplifier



The Anthem Statement D2v and A5 separates are the finest electronics I have had in my theater to date.  Either through my full range Axiom speakers or the little but mighty Focal Domes, the sound was in every way a privilege to listen to.  I am confident that every detail present in the original material was completely and faithfully reproduced at all times.  The soundstage took on a dimensionality that turned my room into an environment.  I was transported to nightclubs, concert halls, deserts, caves and even outer space.  The term "suspension of disbelief" definitely applies here.  Factoring in the extensive video capabilities of the D2v, it would be difficult to find another product that offers so much quality and so much flexibility.  These electronics are equally at home in a small theater like mine or at the heart of a multi-zone audio and video system.  There is no doubt that with the Statement D2v, Statement A5 and the LTX-500 projector, Anthem has re-defined Flagship Home Theater.

It occurs to me as I finish this review just how far the industry has come in just a few years.  The system I tested retails for just over $21,000.  For this money you get a benchmark projector, a high-end audio/video processor with amplifier and a quality screen using the latest innovations in projection materials.  Just five years ago, the benchmark in projectors was the Sony G90, a nine-inch CRT model.  It retailed for around $45,000!  With that budget today I could buy all the Anthem gear, the SI Black Diamond II screen and have $24,000 left over for seating, room treatments and professional installation and calibration.  I could probably include a few dozen Blu-rays in that budget as well.  What can I say but, "What a great time to be a home theater enthusiast!!"