Denon AVR-2309CI 7.1 A/V Receiver




The AVR-2309CI comes in at an MSRP of $849. This puts it squarely in the midrange tier of the receiver market. There are definitely a plethora of features to like on this model that, given the price point, make this a very attractive option. The audio performance is top notch, as I have now come to expect from a Denon product. The list of supported surround codecs is comprehensive, and should provide everything needed to enjoy the latest Blu-Ray discs. The Audyssey implementation is excellent, and the latest features included really are great value adds.

The video scaling is limited in its implementation, and will only help someone who is primarily using component video connections for their sources. If you have moved to mostly HDMI as I have, the receiver’s video functionality is basically as an HDMI switcher/repeater. Still, the performance of said scaling when using component connections is quite good, and if you have an outboard video processor, then this is a non-issue. Overall, Denon has a fine product in the AVR-2309CI. If this receiver looks to be in your price range, definitely give it a listen. You just might take one home with you on the spot.