Denon AVR-2309CI 7.1 A/V Receiver



Other Features

There are several other features that may be of interest to potential buyers. First off, the 2309CI includes a phono input with ground, an input that has been disappearing on lower end receivers. Next, as with nearly Denon’s entire AVR lineup, you can connect an iPod dock connector for use with Denon’s array of iPod docks. The benefit to such a setup is not only the ability to listen to all of your music from your iPod, but also the ability to control the iPod directly through the Denon receiver.

The 2309CI also includes both Sirius and XM compatibility. Despite the fact that they are now one company, their tuning equipment remains separate at this time, so it provides functionality for both. Of course, an external tuner and antenna is required.

Another useful feature is the multichannel analog inputs. Whether using an old HD-DVD player, Blu-Ray player, or some other external component, it is I nice to have the ability to make use of their audio decoding if you so choose. The only drawback to using the multichannel input is that you cannot apply any of the 2309CI’s processing to the source. The multichannel input is a direct pass through to the amplifier, and does not get processed at all. This means no bass management, and no surround mode selection. What you send to the receiver is what it sends out.

The AVR-2309CI also includes zone 2 functionality. If you drive only 5.1 speakers in your main room, you can assign the remaining two amplifiers to zone 2, and run a set of stereo speakers at that zone. As I mentioned earlier, you can control zone 2 with the included secondary remote control. The value of this feature is tempered, however, by the fact that it only allows analog stereo to be sent to the zone 2 output. Anything coming in via optical, coaxial, or HDMI audio is not available to the second zone. If you don’t use zone 2, and still only drive 5.1 speakers, you can alternatively use the remaining two amplifier channels to bi-amp your front left and right speakers.