Onkyo TX-SR576 7.1 A/V Receiver


Remote Control

The Onkyo's remote is an attractive and efficient design. The remote is a good compromise between complexity and simplicity and I found it very usable. Through a mix of color and blocking, the function of buttons on the remote is easy to identify. The hard rubber buttons have a nice feel and the remote itself is comfortable to hold. I also like the gloss black finish which gives the remote a more premium look.



















Programming the remote is straight forward using the included list of device codes. I was impressed with the extensive list of remote codes, which included codes for Vizio and Oppo devices as well. Once programmed, the remote worked well for controlling my HD DVD player and TV, but the button mapping for my Oppo DVD player was a bit off. The remote also has a volume punch through for the Onkyo regardless of what device mode one is in. Surround field selection is handled by cycling through options with the respective "movie/tv", "music", "game" or "stereo" button. It would have been nice had Onkyo maintained the functionality of these surround field buttons regardless of the remote's device mode . Unfortunately, the remote is not learning capable.