Marantz SR7002 THX Select2 7.1 A/V Receiver



On the Bench

I tested the SR7002 with two channels driven.

At 20 volts output into 8 ohms (50 watts), IMD was 0.038%.

THD+N vs. Frequency showed pretty good performance at both 8 ohms and 4 ohms. This receiver should be able to drive 4 ohm speakers, but just don't go overboard on the volume control.

With two channels driven, power output into 8 ohms was 140 watts per channel before a sharp rise to clipping (1% THD+N) at 155 watts per channel.

At 4 ohms, distortion began the sharp rise at 175 watts per channel, to clip at 200 watts per channel.

The frequency response was the same at 8 ohms and 4 ohms: 20 Hz - 50 kHz, - 1 dB.