Onkyo TX-SR806 THX Ultra2 Plus 7.1 A/V Receiver


In Practical Terms

Setting up and using the Onkyo will, for most people, be simple and straightforward, especially if they make a connection to a monitor and plug in the Audyssey Mic: Do what it tells you and you'll at least be up and running with some competence.  For the neophytes, what I call the magic THX button will do the trick 98% of the time: keep hitting it till it says either movie/cinema, music, or game as need be.  For the more seasoned user, tools and tweaks abound.

In terms of subjective perfromance, I'll skip the poetic superlatives and just say it sounds good, plays loud enough, and stays clean.  Hard pressed will anyone be to find any practical shortcomings in this respect.


On the whole the 806 is a mixed bag when looked at as simply the next offering in a line of AVRs with a rich heritage.  There is no question that there is some value in the new video processor, value which unfortunately is undermined by its less-than correct video repeating, and while THX Loudness Plus (or Audyssey Dynamic EQ) are very compelling new features, clearly something has been given up in terms of amplifier power.

When looked at without prior prejudice, though, the 806 is a stellar value as an audio processor and is an excellent candidate on its own for smaller rooms, or strictly as a pre-amp if coupled with an outboard power amplifier.