Marantz SR6003 7.1 A/V Receiver



I thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Marantz and will be sad to see its very pretty face go. Marantz has delivered a great product with excellent sound from 2-channel, multi-channel, and theater soundtracks. They’ve even come up with a pretty convincing way of making anemic MP3s sound better with M-DAX. The SR6003 does no harm to incoming HDMI video sources (something not all competing units can boast) and has fair up-conversion and de-interlacing capabilities for analog sources.

While I wish that Marantz had decided to include at least one additional HDMI input as well as find a way to apply the excellent Audyssey capabilities to high bit-rate (lossless) audio, the overall abilities of the SR6003 make these issues a little easier to overlook. While a few of the Marantz’s competitors at the $999 (recently reduced from $1199) price point may offer additional HDMI inputs, THX certification, or perhaps a bit more advertised amplifier power, they have their work cut out for them in order to match the excellent sound I experienced with the SR6003 in my system.