Marantz SR6003 7.1 A/V Receiver



Marantz has definitely hit a home run with the styling of their new -003 series of components. The front face plate consists of a center section of brushed aluminum with two symmetrical flanking sections of “glass-reinforced resin” that curve gracefully towards the side panels. While “glass-reinforced resin” may be a euphemism for plastic, the overall look of the front panel is uncluttered, with just two large round dials for input source selection and volume control occupying the left and right resin sections of the faceplate along with a small power button on the lower left side.

A fold-down door on the center aluminum section (an upgrade from the exposed design of the SR4003 and SR5003 models) further contributes to the clean aesthetics of this receiver, covering up the front panel inputs and navigation buttons. The overall design is supposed to pay homage to Marantz’s far more expensive “Reference Series” and I firmly believe that they accomplished their goal. Even my wife agreed that this was a very nice looking piece of gear, and she is pickier than I am, which is saying something.

Overall build quality appears to be very solid, with the receiver weighing a respectable 29.1 pounds. What I noticed when loading the receiver into my rack was that not all of the unit’s weight is focused at the back end of the receiver (typical of budget-conscious units) where the power supply resides. There is much more weight distributed over the rest of the chassis, which at the very least, makes me feel like better quality components have been used throughout the entire unit.

Audio and video processing is contained on separate circuit boards, and digital and analog audio processing has been confined to their own circuit board sections. The top of the receiver is completely covered in ventilation slots, which combined with the internal aluminum heat sink should improve heat dissipation. A nice touch is the inclusion of a detachable power cord, which gives the consumer the option of installing a higher quality (or longer) cord if desired. Marantz’s faith in their construction quality is backed by a 3-year warranty, which is noticeably longer than most of their competition.