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Quick Takes - Marantz CC-4000 CD Changer - July, 2001

Jared Baldwin




Marantz CC-4000 CD-Changer

Capacity: 5-disc carousel

Frequency response: 20 Hz - 20 kHz

Outputs: 1 digital coaxial, 1 set of analog

Signal to noise ratio: 95 dB

Dimensions: 4 11/16"H x 17 5/16"W x 15 3/8"D

Weight: 13.3 lbs

MSRP: $300

What they say:

In the past, the Marantz Company has offered innovative home entertainment products. With the Marantz CC-4000 they continue the tradition of bringing the best of what music has to offer to your home. You will find the same level of quality inside the CC-4000 as you will in the other high-end Marantz products. This means on the inside you get superior digital circuitry and precision optics. You will enjoy the high quality CD sound that is full of rich detail that provides you with a musically involving experience that is a must for today's music lovers. The CC-4000 is compatible with all types of the newest CD media including CD-R and CD-RW formats. A D-Bus remote connection lets you fully integrate with other select models of Marantz components. Also, a headphone jack with its own independent level control allows for private listening for a quiet evening or late night enjoyment. Last but not least the Marantz CC-4000 comes equipped with a digital coaxial output that gives you the amazing clarity of pure digital sound.

What we found:

Perhaps the best feature of the Marantz line of products is the simple style in which they exude quality. The CC-4000 isn't cluttered up with too many buttons tightly packed on its faceplate, instead opting for a minimum. Operations can also be handled by the thoughtfully laid out remote control. Something non-traditional happened when scanning through a CD to find a specific track. To go to the beginning of your current track you don't press the traditional |<< "back one track" button. You instead press the play button (unless you're paused, then it just resumes the track). This takes some getting used to, but works as well as the traditional method. Pressing |<< takes you back 2 tracks if you count the one you're currently playing (so if you're in the middle of the 5th track it takes you back to the beginning of track 4). You do have the ability to exchange up to four discs while the fifth one is playing, which, as a rule, has become more the norm than the exception on most CD-changers. The load button is conveniently placed on the tray itself, nice because you don't have to fumble for an erroneously placed disc-exchange/load button while the tray is open. There is a quick play button located on the tray that loads and plays the disc that lines up in the quick play slot when the tray is open. Although this feature is by no means a necessary one, it can keep the party moving nicely. The fact that you can't have random play (shuffle) on only 1 disc will disappoint some, unless of course you have only 1 disc in the changer. Unfortunately, can't turn on the CD-player using the remote control because the power button is a manual switch, but if you have it plugged in to your receiver, it will come on when the receiver does.

The sound of the unit connected through the digital coaxial output was very, very detailed. While listening to some of my favorite and most familiar CDs, I could hear many details of the music I had not heard with my old analog CD player.

If you haven't already done so, the upgrade to a CD player with either type of digital output is well worth it, and is much better than the analog output of most inexpensive CD players. The $300 price tag may seem a little high for an entry level CD-changer, until you consider the fact that this unit comes with a manufacturer's 3-year warranty on parts and labor (so do all other Marantz products). That's a company that is confident in its product. Considering by the time you buy a cheap CD-player and tack on any type of extended warranty that many chain stores now sell, you will end up with roughly the same price point, while you are still left with the quality of the cheaper CD player. Compare the Marantz CC-4000 to the CC-4000 OSE model that has Audiophile grade circuitry for about $150 more.


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- Jared Baldwin -


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