Sony VPL-HW10 LCoS Projector



My previous impression of the more expensive Sony SXRD projectors was that they produced an image of rich, vibrant colors, reasonable contrast and a film-like picture that was not quite as razor-sharp as some other products. The VPL-HW10 essentially reinforced these impressions, but at an impressive price point. The user-level settings produced better-than-expected black level and brightness for a $3,500 LCoS projector.

V for Vendetta has a variety of color palettes as the film bounces from present to past, along with several nighttime scenes with varying black levels. The Sony threw a very pleasing image, with colors that seemed quite natural. To my eye, shadings in dark areas seemed well defined, with blacks as good as I observed with the LCD projectors I’d previously reviewed. Fast moving images and quick pans seemed smoother on the Sony than those produced by the LCD’s.

I’m a late convert to The Deadliest Catch series, but it seems like there’s always an episode on, and my cable company also provides on-demand episodes in HD. The Sony did a fine job deinterlacing the 1080i image from the cable box; ships heaved through 30 foot seas, waves crashed over the deck, with no visible break-up of the image. Whatever those deckhands are being paid, it isn’t enough. With 480p DVD output from my Oppo, the VPL-HW10 did a very nice job upconverting to 1080p. I didn’t notice any stuttering or obvious jaggies with film-based material.