SIM2 SUPER LUMIS Three-Chip DLP Projector


Conclusions about the SIM2 SUPER LUMIS Projector

Choosing a projector is typically about weighing compromises. Better black levels over higher light output. Better 3D compared to higher contrast ratios. Light output versus picture accuracy. The SIM2 SUPER LUMIS eliminates compromise and just displays the content without limitations.

Images are tack sharp, exposing slight aliasing and artifacts in movies that had never been present before. Colors are neutral and accurate out of the box with a full selection of adjustments to make. 3D movies look fantastic and make me actually want to watch them, which I never thought possible. The motorized lens system works far been that those of cheaper models by working much faster and being more accurate. The image is bright enough that you never need to worry your screen is too large.

The flaws that I have with the SIM2 are relatively minor. The dynamic black feature is too noticeable to me in daily use, and so I disabled it. Additionally the contrast ratio of 5,000:1 that I measured comes in below JVC units but ahead of what you'll see in a real movie theater. Watching movies this difference never once bothered me as the image popped off the screen and was not dull in any way. The SIM2 SUPER LUMIS brings the movie theater experience home in ways no other projector has before.

It is obviously expensive but it has provided me an example of what is possible for a home theater projector. It is the best image I have seen in my home to date. With it installed I would have no reason to go to the movie theater again. A true reference product that will deliver an image that will never disappoint.