Optoma HD8600 Single-Chip 1080p DLP Projector



I always enjoy reviewing flagship products. The manufacturer puts all they have to offer in one place for the user to enjoy. Optoma has certainly pulled out all the stops with the HD8600. It offers tremendous installation flexibility thanks to its lens shift and interchangeable optics. A color management system like the HD8600’s is not often found on any display, much less a projector costing under $10,000. The excellent color accuracy and sharp glass produces an image that is very film-like and natural. Contrast is also better than nearly every other DLP projector I’ve experienced. In fact it’s only bested by the Samsung SP-A900B which will set you back an extra $5,500.

Many people prefer DLP for its advantages in screen uniformity and overall sharpness. If you’re shopping for a high-end model in the $8,000 price range the Optoma HD8600 offers more than many projectors of higher cost. I give it a very high recommendation.