Epson Powerlite Home Cinema 8100 Projector


In Use

The timing of my completing the theater room and hanging the projector was within a few weeks of the release of Avatar on Blu-ray – I’ve now seen it 5 or six times from every new person wanting to watch it. This movie is rich in color and detailed and a delight for your eyes. The action sequences and fast moving pace was superb on the 8100.

The Blu-ray version of Patton is splendidly rendered, skin tones in general are warm and natural, the landscape although vivid and seemingly saturated still very beautiful. The uniform fabric’s woven details, the shadows cast and the lighting in some scenes appear three-dimensional.

I kidded my son’s girlfriend that only Blu-ray was allowed to be shown as she perused the library of DVD’s. I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of SD material. While watching the extended version of the LOTR trilogy – not the comparison between the SD image from the DVD version with the image in Blu-ray, these photos were taken in pause mode and other than cropped, taken directly off the screen. Other than the obvious detail, color, black levels and contrast are pretty good in SD.

Watching music performed on a big screen is also a delight. k.d. Lang with the BBC in DTS HD Master is mesmerizing more for the audio than for the video but it sure keeps you glued to the image.

Finally, springtime and watching the Stanley Cup playoffs in my house is synonymous. From my FIOS HD source, the fast paced action barely revealed any noise.

Any shortcomings?

From a usability standpoint, the vertical and horizontal lens shift is a bit tricky, as there is too much play in the manual adjustment. I do find myself constantly adjusting it - perhaps because it’s ceiling mounted on floor joists that tend to bounce a bit since there is a stair nearby.

What about anamorphic? Totally unrealistic in this price range.