Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 5020UBE 3D LCD Projector


Conclusions about the Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 5020UBE 3D LCD Projector

The Highlights

  • Lots of light output
  • Excellent native contrast
  • Accurate color and grayscale after calibration
  • Flat gamma tracking
  • Excellent lens and screen uniformity
  • Wireless HDMI adds convenience with five inputs
  • No visible crosstalk and a bright picture makes for excellent 3D

My Wish List

  • Motorized focus control would make installation easier

This is easily the best Epson projector I've tested to date. Its accuracy in all areas is reference quality. It's amazingly bright. It does great 3D. And the best part is the ridiculously low price of $2899! While I have always been partial to JVC's LCoS models, the 5020UBE truly gives those noble projectors a run for their money. With a huge amount of zoom and lens shift, it's hard to imagine an installation where it would not work. With so much light available, the 5020UBE could even anchor a large theater with a scope screen. It's hard to imagine how Epson will top themselves next year; but I can't wait to find out! The Home Cinema 5020UBE earns my highest recommendation.