Dream Vision Starlight1 LCoS Projector



Last year I reviewed the Dream’E, another LCoS model. The Starlight1 is a significant upgrade from that projector in terms of contrast and color accuracy. While the Dream’E offers a ton of light output, it isn’t as comfortable in a small theater as the Starlight. No aspect of video performance has a greater impact on image depth than contrast. The range of darkest to lightest is so wide on the Starlight, I was unable to measure it. Few projectors can truly boast Kuro plasma-like contrast but this one can. I guess that’s why I stick with LCoS, it’s the only technology that looks as good as my TV!

With its slick Euro-design and quality workmanship, it fits easily into the category of high-end without carrying a huge price tag. Video performance is first-rate and image quality is simply stunning. For ultimate accuracy, choose the Starlight2 or 3 with THX certification and a full CMS. If you want to save the extra dough for a good screen or an anamorphic lens setup, the Starlight1 will more than satisfy. Highly recommended.