DreamVision Dream'E 1080p LCoS Projector


In Use

DreamVision Dream’E LCoS Projector

Resident Evil: Degeneration (Blu-ray)

This movie is entirely CGI. As such, it puts this projector in a very good light. Sharpness and detail were simply superb. Every minute element was rendered perfectly. Color depth and saturation were both excellent. The image had a three-dimensional quality that literally jumped off the screen. Shadow detail was good, about on par with other projectors in this price range. Brighter scenes were the real forte. The adjustments I made to the color luminance really shone.

DreamVision Dream’E LCoS Projector

Babylon A.D. (Blu-ray)

This movie had a lot of dark scenes and muted tones throughout. It was a real test of the projector’s ability to render fine low-level detail and the Dream’E passed this test quite handily. Every bit of Vin Diesel’s beard stubble was apparent in both dark and bright scenes. Despite the film’s drab color palette, dimensionality was preserved extremely well. There were no artifacts or moiré in images containing smoke or blue skies. Some digital projectors have trouble with fine color gradations but not the Dream’E.

DreamVision Dream’E LCoS Projector

The Day the Earth Stood Still (remake) (Blu-ray)

This movie’s color ranges from bluish monotones to nicely saturated and natural depending on the action. Flesh tones in the natural scenes were extremely lifelike. The Dream’E has excellent dynamic range especially at the bright end of images and this movie really accentuated that quality. Details like the swarms of robot insects late in the film or the finely textured skin of the GORT robot popped out nicely.

Measurements and Analysis

Equipment used:

EyeOne Pro spectrophotometer, Calman Pro 3.3 analysis software, Accupel HDG-3000 signal generator, Avia Pro DVD, Spears & Munsil Benchmark Blu-ray.

All measurements were taken off the screen (Carada Brilliant White, gain 1.4) from the seating position (10 feet back). The screen’s color neutrality was verified by a baseline measurement from the lens. There was no change in color readings.

The lamp was run in Economy mode with an iris setting of 40% in the Theater picture mode.

Below is shown the uncalibrated color gamut in Theater mode. The squares are where the measurements should be, and the circles are where the measurements occurred.

DreamVision Dream’E LCoS Projector

Not too bad, but there is room for improvement.

Here is the luminance chart. The black bars are where the colors should be, and the colored bars are where they were measured.

DreamVision Dream’E LCoS Projector

Again, not bad, but there is some work to be done with green, blue, cyan, and magenta.

Below is the gamut following calibration. It's perfect. It is not often that a projector can be calibrated to line up with a gamut that exactly matches the standard. This projector is GREAT!

DreamVision Dream’E LCoS Projector

With the adjustments I made to grayscale and to color luminance, we have perfect color representation despite the small inaccuracy in the green primary. No problems with green were seen in any actual content. Note that this gamut chart is rendered showing the measured primaries rather than Rec 709. This is done to show that there is no color decoder error present. This was also verified with the Blue-only mode.

Here are the calibrated color luminances.

DreamVision Dream’E LCoS Projector

Again, excellent performance courtesy of the Dream’Es fine set of adjustments.

The uncalibrated gamma tracking in Theater mode is shown below.

DreamVision Dream’E LCoS Projector

Here it is post-calibration using the Gamma 4 preset.

DreamVision Dream’E LCoS Projector

Even though I did not adjust the gamma in the installer menu, the grayscale calibration improved the gamma to near perfection.

Now for the uncalibrated grayscale tracking.

This is the Medium color temp setting. You can see that green is dominant. This was observed in grayscale step patterns.

DreamVision Dream’E LCoS Projector

After calibration, the tracking was much better. In fact, terrific.

DreamVision Dream’E LCoS Projector

To reiterate, this is excellent performance. Delta E (color error) averaged 1.1 from bottom to top. A Delta E below 3 is invisible to the naked eye. Because of this projector’s solid screen uniformity, I was able to dial in the grayscale using only window patterns.

Video processing was tested using various motion patterns. Both moving zone plates and actual content were observed. These clips came from the Spears & Munsil Benchmark Blu-ray disc. The Dream’E uses the Silicon Optix Reon solution. As such, scaling and deinterlacing of 480i and 1080i material was excellent with all tests passed. 1080p/24 content was a different story. I noticed judder during both test patterns and movie content. When I asked DreamVision about this they informed me the output refresh rate of the projector is locked at 60fps. This means 24p input signals are converted to 60fps before display. They told me this is done for greater compatibility. It is true a poorly mastered disc can cause problems when incorrect flags or bad edits cause the cadence to change from film to video mode. When this happens a display running at a multiple of 24fps will judder quite severely. However the Blu-ray content I’ve watched over the past year has displayed perfectly on my reference projector which runs at 96fps with a 24p input signal. Perhaps DreamVision would consider adding the capability of 72 or 96fps with a firmware update.

The Dream’E sports a high-quality all-glass lens. No chromatic aberration was observed in any test patterns. Grid patterns were rendered perfectly, with no distortion or color fringing.

This projector is capable of a lot of light output. It is well-suited for large screens and long throw distances. The manual iris makes it easy to tailor the peak brightness to a comfortable level. In the Theater mode at default settings, I measured over 38 foot-lamberts peak brightness. This was much too bright for my completely dark room. Turning the iris from 80% to 40% put the peak level at a more comfortable 13 foot-lamberts, just perfect from my ten-foot seating position.