BenQ W7000 Single-Chip DLP 3D Projector


Conclusions about the BenQ W7000 Projector

One question asked all the time is "What's the best projector?" which is really a question without an answer. Where you watch, what you watch, and what factors you care about are going to influence what projector you are after and there is no simple one-size-fits-all answer. That said, if someone asks me what the best 3D projector out there is for under $30,000, I would answer that the BenQ W7000 is the best that I've seen.

In addition to its class-leading 3D performance, the BenQ W7000 offers a brighter image than almost any other projector in its class, a full CMS to dial in your grayscale and color points, ISFccc mode for a calibration that your family won't be able to undo, and a sharp, clear picture that has plenty of pop and brings out all the details in your content. If you are a black level fanatic or have issues with rainbows then the W7000 won't be your ideal fit, but for most people it can do a fantastic job. It handles all content well, it can light up any size screen you will likely have, and it is much more flexible in mounting than most DLP units.

For the price, I was very impressed with the W7000 and would highly recommend that you give it a look if you are after a projector in this price range. It strikes a good balance with price and performance, and has 3D performance that will actually let you understand why some people are so excited about it.