BenQ W1070 Projector


Conclusions about the BenQ W1070 Projector

While the BenQ W1070 has some issues, almost all of them are the things you need to do to bring out a projector at the $1,000 price point. Some light drop-off at the corners and some more placement restrictions are what you will have to deal with, though if you can position the W1070 in your room fine, there is a good chance you won't really notice the uniformity issues. It has a few flaws, but none are deal breakers to me.

For 3D, it's going to be impossible to best the BenQ at this price I believe. Depth, crosstalk, and brightness were all outstanding, and the glasses are better than the last version from BenQ. The 2D image that it puts out is very nice as well, with great motion, very good detail, and very nice color after calibration. Rainbows were sometimes visible if I really tried, but they never bothered me, and I believe that many people might not see them at all. If you are very sensitive to them you probably will still see them sometimes and you should make sure to test it out first.

I'm supposed to be really critical and demanding as a reviewer, but after watching the BenQ for a few weeks, most people I know would be very happy to have it in their homes. Almost my entire family was over at my house for a party, and in small groups they kept making their way to the home theater as I'd installed new seating they wanted to check out. With a film playing on the W1070 as they came in, everyone left impressed with the image, and not a single one said, "That's nice, but…" They just left impressed. The BenQ W1070 is bright, has a great image, and is cheap. If you want an incredibly affordable way to get a huge, good-looking image in your home, the BenQ W1070 is a fantastic way to do so, and one that I highly recommend checking out.