Affordable Projectors for Non-Dedicated Home Theater Rooms - Sanyo PLV-Z2000 1080p Projector


In Use

Most of my viewing on the PLV-Z2000 was done during the evening hours, under low light conditions with the Sanyo set to Natural mode. I also spent some time with the Sanyo in late afternoon light, with the Dynamic setting. Standard-def DVD was sourced from my Oppo DV-980H, hi-def from a Toshiba HD-A2 and Comcast HD cable box, all via HDMI.  In each case, de-interlacing the 1080i image was handled by the PLV-Z2000.

The Sanyo puts out a very impressive image for its price.  Transformers (HD DVD) has lots of sharp GCI effects, dark nighttime scenes, and fast-moving action. The Sanyo produced accurate, life-like colors, even with only my user-level calibration. I’ve seen sharper images, but on projectors costing several times the price of the Sanyo. Standard def DVD’s (upscaled from the Oppo) were free of any artifacts or noise. In the Valley of Elah is a pretty heavy film, with Tommy Lee Jones carrying the weight of a distraught father throughout the movie. When his head filled the screen, I could make out the lines on his face without any discernable softness.